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The Agency


Breathe easier with in-home on-demand childcare.


The Agency by Kidz Kove is our dedicated in-home, on-demand caregiver service. Whether for a few short hours or a number of weeks, we will send a dedicated RECE, Registered Nurse or Personal Support Worker to the comfort of your home to help engage your child and rescue you from the impossible at your busiest moments.


Our Objective

The Agency strives to bring a service to families who want the daily routines and learning of a childcare setting, in their homes. Whether you work from home or have extended family helping out, we will develop a learning plan that will suit your family's needs. Our goal is to help develop your child's emotional, cognitive, physical and communication skills in the most convenient setting possible. We also strive to bring accessible care to children whose needs exceed those offered in the childcare setting by bringing various forms of support to your home catered towards your child’s individual needs. Now more than ever, during these uncertain times and amidst a global pandemic, we are here to help you where we can. So, breathe easy—we will bring our daycare to you.

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