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Kidz Kove Meal Program 


Our breakfast always contains at least two food groups and provides a wide variety for kids to choose from. Working with a team that is inspired to create nutritious and exciting combinations that are all organic which will provide the right start for your child's morning!


Our rotating menu is bound to peak your little one's appetite. Offering an array of chicken, fish, beef, and/ or vegetarian options that give protein to help build your child's muscles and mind.  No plate would be complete without a colourful combination of vegetables and fruit all organic– with a particular focus to get as many of these ingredients as possible from local farms. We offer healthier choices, organic items and portion size up to 20% larger.

Afternoon Snack

Our afternoon snack provides a nutritious energy boost for your young ones before heading home for supper. A combination of healthy fruits, dairy and vegetable options play an important role in managing your young one's hunger while boosting their growing bodies with the nutrients and hydration they need. 

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