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Daily On Demand Child Care

$25/per hour/per child
Family At Church
  •  Short term child care is offered at our facility.

  •  Please call ahead to book.

  •  We can accommodate short notices (if space permits).

  • Long term child care also available, please call or email us for more information.

*All unused hours from any package can be carried over to the new month.

*Parents can split the hours between siblings.

Pricing Options 

* Flexible options for families requiring occasional and emergency child care Contact us for regular Daycare rates

Plan C "Cloud 103"

$1500/ 103 hours per month

The ultimate emergency package.

 103 hours of drop off care.

*Maximum 5 hours  per visit*

Plan A "New Beginning 30"

$550/30 hours per month

Give your little one the chance to meet new peers with 30 hours of drop off care.

*Maximum 5 hours  per visit*

Plan B "Freedom 64"

$1060/64 hours per month

Freedom with ease of 64 hours of drop off care

*Maximum 5 hours  per visit*

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